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(note: The'Points'respectively indicated in the FCE are affected when the cancel is on a gpc or pc; see pages 89 to 91)


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
1 13 Redding, vars 1 & 2; Redlands, vars 1, 2, 3; Redwood City; Reedley; Reseda; Rialto; Riverside, vars 1, 2, 3; Rosemead; all covers except Redding var 2; VG lot
2 9 San Bernardino, vars 1, 2, 3; San Bruno; San Carlos; San Diego, vars 1, 2, 3, 4; all cvs mixed condition
3 1 San Gabriel pc dial competes & flag a bit spotty G/VG
4 1 Sanger pc dial competes but very readable lt stains 1 VG/G
5 8 San Jose, vars 2 thru 4, & 6 thru 10; six cvs type 26 vars on pc & gpc; one cv w/Socialist Labor Party hs cc; F lot
6 6 San Luis Obispo (11-12-11); San Mateo; San Rafael, vars 1 (pc), 2, 3; Santa Ana; five cvs F lot
7 1 San Pedro cv w/mc YMCA cc - as F/G
8 1 San Pedro pc dial competes, but readable F/VG
9 5 Santa Barbara, vars 2 thru 6; #6 is a pc w/view of Potter Hotel four cvs F lot
10 6 Santa Clara, vars 1 thru 3(pc); Santa Cruz; Santa Maria, vars 1 & 2, both on pc & both compete; o/w, a F lot three covers.
11 8 Santa Monica, vars 1 & 2 on pc, dials & flags compete; var 3 is a VF cv; Santa Paula, F cv; Santa Rosa, vars 1 & 2 on pc; San Ysidro, cv, some letters lt; Sawtelle, var 1, some letters lt;
12 3 Scotia; Sebastopol; Selma; three covers; F lot
13 2 South Gate, var 1 on P.O. Department Penalty env, town name in dial unreadable; var 2 on cv, "h G" are lt some lt staining and as VG/G
14 5 South Pasadena, pc; Stanford University; Stockton vars 1 & 2; Strathmore; four cvs F lot
15 2 Taft, vars 1 & 2, both pc, both compete; var 2 has three incomplete hs transit marks on stamp and flag bars; station name is clear
16 1 Terra Bella, on "sent for" gpc; dial & flag o/sk by an additional same flag, with its dial partly off; reverse of card is clear, w/additional clear flag cancel & dial of Terra Bella
17 8 Three Rivers; Trona; Vallejo, (two) one cv, one pc; Van Nuys; Ventura; Watsonville; Weaverville; seven cvs F lot
18 3 Whittier, vars 1, 2, 3(2 cents gpc revalued to 1 cent); two covers F lot
19 4 Williams; Willowbrook; Yosemite; Yucaipa; three cvs mixed condition G toF
20 1 Winters cv F/VG
21 14 three cvs, eleven pc; slight dupl of cans all w/commemoratives; Scott #323, 328, 397, 398, 548;
22 26 eighteen pc, eight gpc; very slight duplication of cancels all cancels VG or F
23 20 one cover, twelve pc, seven gpc; very slight duplication of cancels all cancels VG or F
24 15 Remainders of California, towns R through Y


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
25 5 Adel; Alma; Athens, vars 1 & 2; Atlanta, Station B, dial is off at T, only 'A and a' showing; flag is complete; o/w fine covers condition mixed
26 6 Augusta, vars 1 thru 6; #2 is a pc five covers F lot
27 1 Augusta, var 6 w/"Knights of Columbus War Activities" cc cover w/crs F cancel
28 2 Ball Ground, two cvs w/elaborate cc of marble companies, one is mc, but slightly reduced at L cancels are F and VG
29 8 Cairo; Camilla; Carnesville w/a mc flag ca at L; Claxton w/a mc flag cachet at L; Columbus, vars 1 & 2; Cordele, vars 1 & 2; all cvs F lot
30 6 Donalsonville; Douglas, var 2(pc & can are P;) East Point, pc; Fitzgerald, vars 1, 2, 3; four cvs
31 1 Folkston pse town name is very spotty, only 'Fo' discernible flag is full length cover is reduced at L G/G
32 12 Gainesville, var 1; Hogansville; LaGrange, vars 1, 2, 6; Lyons; Macon, vars 2(pc) thru 7; eleven covers F lot
33 11 Madison; Manchester; Marietta, vars 1 thru 4 #2 & 3 are pc; Meigs; Milledgeville, vars 1 & 2; Monroe; Nashville; nine cvs F lot
34 7 Newnan; Nicholls (cv w/ill cc of National League of District Postmasters) (pm of Nicholls was President of the League of Postmasters. Ferry; Rome, vars 1 thru 3; Royston; all covers VG lot
35 1 Rossville 'Ross' barely readable,'ville' not printed pc dial and flag compete lt stains G/G
36 7 Savannah, vars 1 and 3 thru 8, #7 is a gpc F lot
37 7 Tennille only first two letters of town are readable;'GA' is readable pse w/cc; Thomaston; Thomasville, vars 1 thru 3; Thomson; Tifton; seven cvs
38 4 Valdosta, vars 1 & 2; Warrenton (pse w/heavy vertical cr in middle affecting dial) Washington ('ington' a bit spotty); four cvs
39 4 Way Cross, two variations of var 1, vars 2 and 3; three covers F lot
40 4 Thomasville (two vars); Valdosta; Newnan; three w/color views in Thomasville
41 7 all pc all different cancels all VG/VG
42 11 one cv, ten gpc all different all VG/C


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
43 7 Alton, vars 1 (pc) & 2; Assumption; Aurora, vars 1 thru 3, 5; six cvs
44 1 Arthur 'hur' is barely discernible full length flag cv VG /VG
45 1 Arthur dial competes w/painting and writing full length flag pc VG/VG
46 8 Batavia, vars 1 & 2; Belvidere, vars 1 & 2(pc); Bement; Benld (1931); Benton; Blandinsville (town name spotty but readable) mostly F lot
47 5 Bloomington, vars 1 thru 5 #4 and #5 are pc F lot
48 9 Blue Island, vars 1 & 3(pc); Blue Mound; Bushnell, vars 1 thru 3; Cairo, vars 1 thru 3; F lot, except 2 & 3 of Bushnell are G+
49 7 Canton, vars 1 & 2; Carthage,(pse, spotty dial, barely readable); Centralia, vars 1 thru 4 (two cvs, two gpc)
50 10 Champaign, var 1; also a var 1 on pc that has appearance of a blank diespace; Champaign, var 2; Charleston, vars 1 & 2; Chicago Heights, vars 1 thru 5; eight cvs F lot
51 8 Cicero, vars 1 & 2; Colchester; Collinsville, pc (P/P); Crystal Lake; Danville, vars 1 (hour is '25' and upside down), 2(pc), and 3; five cvs
52 6 Decatur, vars 1 thru 6; all covers F lot
53 1 Decatur, var 2; pse F/VG
54 8 DeKalb, vars 1 & 2; Delavan; Des Plaines; Dixon; Duquoin, vars 1 & 2(pc); Dwight, var 1; seven cvs F lot
55 5 East Saint Louis, vars 1, 2 (both a bit doggy); Edwardsville; Elmhurst (dial competes, pc); Eureka; four cvs mixed lot
56 4 Elgin, vars 2, 3(pc), 4, 6; three cvs
57 4 Fairbury; Forrest; Freeport, vars 1 & 2; four covers F lot
58 15 all pc w/views matching the town postmark: Alton, Batavia, Cairo, Centralia, Chicago Heights, Dixon, Freeport, De Kalb, Dwight; street scenes, high schools, post office, college, bank cancels F to P
59 3 De Kalb var 1(two); Decatur var 4; three covers w/elaborate ill cc
60 4 Champaign, var 2; DeKalb, var 1; Elgin, var 4; Eureka; four cvs F lot
61 17 all pc all diff cancels all VG or F usual pc faults
62 13 all gpc slight duplication all VG or F
63 11 Remainders of Illinois (towns A thru F)


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
64 11 Madison, vars 1 thru 5(#2 & #4 are bs); Marion, vars 1 thru 3; Michigan City, vars 1(pc) 2 & 3; ten covers F lot
65 14 Milan, (w patriotic mc flag ca); Milton; Mishawaka; Monticello; Mount Vernon, vars 1(pc) 2, 3(pc); Muncie, var 3(town name, part of field of stars, and top stripe are off the T of pse) var 4, & 5(pc); New Albany, var 1(pse rough at L), 2(w/Scott #463) & 3; Newburgh; eleven covers VG to F lot
66 1 Newburgh (dated 6-23-35) cv w/well-proportioned, well-spaced, typewritten, w/hand-drawn border, cachet commemorating the 152nd anniversary date (6-23) of Washington disbanding his army at Newburgh, NY. cachet recognizes the tie-in of Newburgh, Ind., with Newburgh, NY. F/VG
67 1 Notre Dame (4-29-19) cv w/cc of University of Notre Dame minor toning & crs F/VG
68 1 Notre Dame (8-4-23) pc w/aeroplane view of the campus F/VG
69 1 Orleans 'ans' is spotty and unreadable dial has no yd flag is a bit spotty pse G/VG
70 11 Peru, vars 1, 2(pc), 3; Plymouth; Portland, vars 1, 2(pc), 3; Princeton vars 1(pc), and 2(F can on pse w/significant vertical cr affecting dial); Richmond, vars 3 & 4(has ill cc of Hotel)
71 5 Rochester (somewhat rough at R); Rockport(w/Golden Gate stamp); Rosedale(w/NRA stamp); Rushville, vars 1 & 2(pc); four covers VG cans
72 1 Salem, entire can a bit spotty staining dots not affecting can pse G/G
73 1 Scottsburg pc barely readable date slugs 90 degrees counter-clockwise G/G
74 5 Seymour, vars 1 & 2(pcs), 3; Shelbyville, vars I(gpc) & 2(town name partially lt) VG lot
75 7 South Bend, vars 1 thru 4, 6, 8, 9; #1 a bit rough at R, o/w a F lot seven cvs
76 10 Spencer, var 2(tears at R); Union City, vars 1 & 2; Veedersburg; Vincennes, vars 1 & 2; Wabash, var 1(two) - cv, rough at R, & pc(F/VG), and var 2(pse) nine cvs VG lot
77 5 Warsaw; Washington; West Terre Haute; Williamsport, var 2; Winchester; five cvs F lot
78 1 Winona Lake pc cr at BR w/bird's eye view of Winona Lake F/G
79 9 all different flag cancels on gpc cancels are VG/F cards w/usual faults
80 12 all different flag cancels on pc cancels are VG/F cards w/usual faults
81 12 similar lot
82 9 postcards w/views of buildings or scenes matching the town postmark; post office, library, hotel, etc.,Michigan City, Marion, Muncie, Peru, Richmond, etc.
83 1 Vincennes pc w/real photo of Alexander Street, Carlisle, Indiana VG/VG
84 12 Remainders of Indiana (towns M thru W)


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
85 9 Abilene, vars 1, 3, 4; Almena ('ena' is partially off at T); Altoona; Anthony; Atchison; Attica (tear above embossed stamp, not affecting cancel); Caney (reduced at L, into words, but not ill of rose cc of a Greenhouse nine covers VG to F lot
86 3 Chanute, vars 1(pc) & 2; Chetopa; two cvs F lot.
87 4 Cherryvale, var 1(two) cv w/ill cc of the Artell Hotel, & pc; var 2 & 3(both pc)
88 1 Cimarron, cv w/unreadable town/state (has manuscript return address) P/VG
89 7 Claflin (stutter to flag); Coffeyville(two): doggy cover & a VG can on pc w/edge wear; Council Grove, cv (town name competes with manuscript return address); Dighton; Dodge City; Ellinwood; six covers cancels G to F
90 2 Clay Center, vars 1 & 2; cvs F lot
91 8 Fort Scott, vars 1 thru 3(two): (#2 is a pc); Garden City; Geneseo; Girard, vars 1 & 2;
92 4 Glasco; Great Bend; Hays; Holton; four covers F lot
93 2 Holton (two): cvs w/matching cc of the Gossip Printery, a 'Weekly Philatelic Gossip' publication, per the enclosure one w/pair of one cent imperf Washingtons and one w/2 cent Harding facing left F lot
94 1 Haviland; cv 56 pts F/VG
95 5 Holyrood; Hoxie; Irving; Junction City, vars 1(pc) & 2; four cvs can conditions mixed
96 4 Hutchinson, vars 1 thru 4; (#1 w/ill cc of cattle dealer) four cvs VG lot
97 5 Kansas City, vars 1 thru 5 (#1 w/tears along T not affecting; #2, top line of station name is a bit lt; #4 w/ill cc; #5(pc) L end of flag is light and spotty; H dial has no ddmdyd
98 2 Anthony, cv w/ill ad of the Remington Portable and w/2 cent Kansas overprint stamp cancel is spotty envelope w/tear along upper L G/G; Kansas City, B38, cv reduced at R w/stains at B w/mc ill cc of eagle, symbol of the National Live Stock Commission Co. G/G
99 1 Abilene var #3; pc w/view of camp (tents) at Fort Riley VG/VG
100 2 Girard, both vars of Type 4 ovate flag #1 on pc, #2 on gpc both F/VG
101 3 view cards with scene matching town postmark; Hutchinson (two); Kansas City; Library, Cow Creek, Post Office; VG cancels
102 1 Junction City, var 2, VG can on pc w/real photo of man w/crutches standing in front of ?theater?
103 8 pc and gpc all different all VG cancels cards with typical faults
104 8 similar lot
105 8 Remainders of Kansas (towns A to K)


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
106 7 Ashland, vars 1 & 2; Benton (flag has stutter, cv has stains); Berea Ky College Sta., (pc) w/ill of Boone Tavern on the campus; Bowling Green, vars 1 (pc) & 2; Clay; five cvs
107 7 Covington, vars 4 & 5; Crab Orchard; Cynthiana 'Cynt' is lt, unreadable Dawson Springs (town name is lt, mostly not printed); Drakesboro; Fulton (no dd/md);seven cvs
108 7 Georgetown, vars 1(pc) & 2; Harlan (tear affecting flag, piece missing affecting town name); Henderson, vars 1 & 3; Hopkinsville, vars 1 & 2; o/w, F lot
109 3 Lexington, vars 1 & 2; Marion; three covers F lot
110 1 Louisville, var 1 pse very rare 80 pts F/VF
111 3 Louisville, vars 2, 3, 4; three cvs F lot
112 3 Louisville, vars 6, 7, 8, three pse F lot
113 4 Louisville, vars 9, 10, 11, 12 four cvs F lot
114 4 Mayfield, vars 1 thru 4 , #2(pc); VG lot
115 7 Maysville, vars 1 & 2; both F cancels, but #2 is o/sk w/magenta hs "Back the boys in the trenches.... buy a Liberty Loan Bond....inquire at any bank or Post Office"; Middlesboro; Morganfield; Mount Sterling, var 2; Murray(very lt dial - unreadable); Newport; o/w, F lot
116 3 Owensboro, vars 1, 2, 3; three covers F lot
117 5 Paducah, vars 1, 3, 4, 6, 7; cans VG to VF five cvs
118 8 Paris; Pineville; Richmond, var 2; Russellville; Uniontown; Winchester, vars 1 & 2; Wingo, flag staff & stars are smudged seven cvs
119 9 pc or gpc all different cancels all full length flags all VG to F usual card faults
120 7 all view pc no duplication of cancels all cancels VG or F all w/scenes matching town postmark; Paducah, Hopkinsville, Lexington, Maysville, etc.,
121 7 similar lot; Bowling Green, Owensboro, Ashland, etc., Post Office, Court House, Hotel, etc.,
122 10 Remainders of Kentucky


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
123 1 A. & M College cv w/nick out at TL corner VG/G
124 5 Aberdeen, var 2(tears at T, just touching dial crs edge wear; Ackerman (no yd); Bay Saint Louis; Clarksdale; Columbia; o/w F lot five cvs
125 3 Biloxi, Type 4 Ovate flags all three vars three covers VG lot
126 9 Columbus, vars 1, 2(pc), 3(town is lt), 4; Corinth; Edwards (yd didn't print); Eupora; Fayette; Fuiton; eight cvs o/w Flot
127 7 Gloster; Greenville, vars 1 & 2; Greenwood; Gulfport; Hattiesburg; Hazelhurst (flag o/sk by 4-bar hs as transit mark) o/w F lot seven cvs
128 2 Holly Springs; var 1 (town name lt); var 2 (pc) w/top of dial off at T one cv
129 5 Jackson, vars 1(pc), 2 & 3; Liberty; Lucedale; four covers F lot
130 4 Mathiston, 2x4 mounted on an envelope sm part of flag is o/sk by magenta recd marking of'BrownShoeCo.'; McComb; Mendenhall; Morton; three covers F lot
131 6 Meridian vars 1 thru 4, & 6; #2 on pc, competes; also a var #1 w/o dial, with 1 cent green Franklin w/very elaborate non-ill cc of Meridian Female College five covers F lot
132 5 Natchez, var 1, 2, 3; #1 dial is difficult to read as it is on a very elaborate (flowers) design, w/an ill cc of'The Natchez' Hotel; Summit; Tupelo, G cancel affected by tears, crs, and edge wear, on doggy cv o/w F lot five cvs
133 1 Piney Woods a school post office pse 65 pts F/VG
134 4 Utica; Vicksburg,var 1(two, cv and pc); West; three covers can condition mixed
135 4 West Point, vars 1, 2, #1 has nick out at TL; #2 on pse reduced at R into stamp significant edge crs & wear; Yazoo City, vars 1 & 2, var 1: town name partly not printed, and dial partly off at T; only 'City' shows; var #2: town lt, readable; flag under-inked at R 4 cvs G lot
136 5 West Point; Natchez; Gulfport; Columbus,(2); all diff cans on pc or gpc cancels are VG cards w/usual faults
137 7 all pc some duplication of cancels Biloxi, Greenville, Meridian, etc., all w/views matching the postmark town - cancels are VG cards with usual faults
138 3 all pc West Point, Biloxi(2) all w/views not matching town postmark cancels are VG cards w/usual faults
139 5 Remainders of Mississippi


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
140 5 Anaconda, vars 1 & 2; Belgrade; Butte, vars 3 & 4; five cvs
141 4 Bozeman, vars 1(pc), 2, 3, 4; three covers F lot
142 10 Cut Bank; Dillon; Forsyth, (gpc); Froid; Glacier Park, two varieties, w/ & w/o year date; both pc, both w/scenes in the Park; Glendive; Great Falls, vars 1, 2, 3; seven covers F lot
143 4 Hamilton; Havre; Helena; Jordan; four cvs F lot
144 5 Kalispell, vars 1 thru 5; #2, 4 & 5 are pc; VG to F lot
145 5 Lewistown, vars 1 & 2; Livingston vars 1(two) pc & cv; & var 2 (pc); three cvs
146 3 Miles City, vars 1 & 2(pc); Ronan; two cvs
147 5 Butte, Glacier Park, Great Falls, Lewistown w/ill cc of Hotel, Livingston five cvs G to VG
148 14 pc & gpc all w/ VG or better cancels expect minor duplication
149 7 all pc all different cancels all VG all w/scene matching the postmark town cards with usual faults
150 7 Similar lot, but two cancels are just G
151 16 Remainders of Montana


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
152 8 Cambridge, vars 1 & 2(#1 is a VF cancel, but cover has a noticeable vertical cr affecting dial, and two staple holes just above the dial) (#2 is a cv w/1920 yd upside down); Canal Dover; Cardington; Chillicothe, vars 1, 2 & 3; Circleville(gpc) seven covers F lot
153 13 Cleveland, Station A, vars 1 & 2; Station B, vars 1 & 2; Station C; Station D; Station E, vars 1 & 2; Station G; Station H; Brooklyn Station(two, pc & cover); Collinwood Station(pc) eleven covers VG to F
154 4 Collinwood; Columbus Grove; Coshocton, var 1; Cuyahoga Falls four covers VF lot
155 2 Columbus, vars 1 & 2; two covers F lot
156 8 Defiance, vars 1, 2, 3; Delaware; Delphos; Dennison(two) pc w/town name not printed after 'Den', and cv w/same. cv is dated 1925 w/two 1 cent Columbian stamps glue stains around stamps; Dover(gpc) six covers o/w F lot
157 10 East Liverpool, vars 1 & 2; Eaton(pc); Elmwood Mace; Elyria, vars 1 & 2; Findley vars 1, 3, 4; Fort Recovery, (Scott #737 & signed by PM); nine covers F lot
158 6 Fostoria; Franklin; Gallipolis; Geneva; Georgetown ('town' lt); Gettysburg (signed by PM); six covers F lot
159 6 Granville; Hamilton, vars 1, 2 & 3; Hicksville; Irontown, var 2; six covers VG to F lot
160 1 Hiram, cv 'am' is lt but readable staple holes at L VG/G
161 7 Kent(pc); Lancaster, vars 1,2, 3, 5; Lebanon,(two) pc, & cv reduced at R; five covers VG lot
162 1 Leipsic ('sic' not readable) water stain all around stamp; cv G/G
163 1 Leipsic yd not readable glue stains around stamp pc VG/G
164 5 Lima, var 1, 3; Lockland(two) pc and cv; Lorain; four cvs VG lot
165 8 Cleveland, all stations, all on pc or gpc; Station A (both), Station C, Station D, Station E (2nd var), Station G, Station H, Brooklyn Station; F lot
166 6 Cleveland; Stations:A, C, D, E, C (two); four pc/gpc two covers five are F
167 15 13 are pc or gpc all diff cancels all VG or F cards with usual faults
168 15 similar lot
169 4 pc view cards w/scenes matching postmark town; Elyria, Delaware, Findlay, Defiance
170 10 Remainders of Ohio (towns C thru L)


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
171 5 Anderson, vars 1, 3, 4 (#1 has major tear and is ratty at L) (#3 is a pc); Beaufort (pc - flag is partly o/sk w/magenta Library of Congress rec'd marking); Blackville (w/patriotic mc flag ca at L) three covers mixed condition lot
172 5 Branchville; Charleston, vars 1 & 3; Chester, var 1; Columbia; five covers F lot
173 5 Darlington; Greenville, vars 1 thru 4 (#2 and 3 are pc); F lot
174 4 Laurens(pc); Marion (manuscript word, in ink, in flag; Rock Hill, vars 1 & 3; F lot
175 4 Sumter, vars 1,2,3,4 (#1 w/much crs & dial into return add.) (#4 reduced at L) o/w F lot 4 cvs
176 2 Westminster; York (flag runs off a bit; two covers
177 1 Anderson, var 3,cv full length flag on Tyrone, Pa precancelled stamp! F/VG
178 6 two covers, four pc; VG or better cancels; Anderson #3, Columbia,(two), Sumter #2, York, Westminster
179 3 pc view cards w/scenes matching the postmark town; Sumter (two) and Greenville
180 7 Remainders of South Carolina


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
181 4 Abilene, vars 1 & 4 (#4 has half inch corner out at TL); Alamo; Alvord; four covers F lot
182 3 Amarillo, vars 1, 2 3 (all pc or gpc) VG lot
183 1 Anson, on USPOD Registry Receipt Card full length flag F/VG
184 1 Asherton cv F/VG
185 9 Austin, vars 1 thru 9 (#2 & 9 are pc) (#8 is bs) VG to F lot
186 2 Baird, (rough at R not affecting); Bastrop; two covers VG lot
187 1 Baytown lt but readable dial pse VG/VC
188 5 Beaumont, vars 1 thru 5 five covers F lot
189 4 Beeville, (spotty); Bellevue; Belton, vars 1 & 2: (#1 on cover w/crayon line into flag) (#2 on gpc w/staple holes in flag, yd barely readable three covers mixed cancel condition
190 3 Boling; Bonham, vars 1 & 3 (both pc) one cv VG lot
191 3 Brady (pc); Brownwood, vars 1, 2; two covers F lot
192 3 Bryan, var 2 (state & yd are lt); Burkburnett (on 2 x 4) (F) Cameron, (flag o/sk by magenta docket stamp) two are covers mixed lot
193 1 Chillicothe, (flag spotty, 'cothe' not readable) cover G/VG
194 4 Cleburn(pc); Cooper; Corpus Christi; Corrigan; three covers F lot
195 1 Clifton (rough at R, affecting stamp) cv F/G
196 1 College Station, dial is lt but barely readable pse tears at top not affecting G/G
197 4 Corsicana, vars 1 thru 4 (all pc) VG to F lot
198 1 Cuero, var 1 pc all date slugs a bit spotty G/VG
199 2 Cuero, vars 2 & 3 covers F lot
200 8 pc or gpc all different varieties all cans VG or F
201 8 one cover, pc or gpc, all different varieties all cans VG or F
202 6 Remainders of Texas (towns A thru C)


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
203 5 Cairo; Charleston, vars 1, 3, 4; Clarksburg; five covers VG to F lot
204 4 Davis; Elkins, vars 1 & 2; Elm Grove(pc); three covers VG to F lot
205 4 Fairmont, vars 1 thru 4 (#3 on gpc) G to F lot
206 4 Cassaway; Glen Dale (on business reply envelope requiring no postage stamp); Grafton, vars 1 & 2(pc); three cvs F lot
207 3 Harpers Ferry; Hinton, vars 1 & 2; three cvs VG to F lot
208 4 Keyser, vars 1 (flap and most of back is missing) 2, 3 (pc); Logan(pc); F lot
209 7 one cover, pc & gpc all different varieties cancels VG two view cards matching the postmark town cards w/usual faults
210 6 all pc all different vars all VG three w/views matching postmark town cards w/usual faults


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
211 1 BostonD3 (E), 1895, dateless dial, but backstamped January 16 (1895) full-length flag on 1 cent-rated cover with ill cc of Spurr & Co., featuring Revere Coffee, showing ill of 'The Midnight Ride of Paul Rerere.' This is the earliest event-pictorial ad seen on a Flag Cancel coverVF/VF MB $100.
212 1 Boston P32 Involute var # 2 Aug. 19, 1896, on sm env w/two one cent blue Franklin stamps full-length flag this cancel was used only six weeks F/VG MB $20.
213 1 Boston P42 Involute var#6 Jul. 17,1897,on lady's sm env full-length flag VF/VG EV$12.
214 1 Brockton, Mass.,814 (1) Aug. 6, 1900 on multicolored, illustrated cover showing sulky horse race. Picture covers about half of the envelope face, and is an ad for the forthcoming Brockton Fair flag cancel is lt and spotty cv is addressed to Hamburg, Germany, and has Hamburg bs G/VG MB $35.
215 1 Chicago,B38 Twentieth Street Station Jul. 31, 1912 cut from cover, about 1.5" x 3.5" elusive flag variety 85 pts on cover VG/- EV $5.
216 1 Colorado Sp'gs, Colo., B14 (1) Jan. 16, 1897 30 pts this is the earliest date currently recorded of this flag can w/ the dial with the abbreviation "SP'GS" on 1 cent pse to Amsterdam, Holland, with bs of Amsterdam F/VG EV $25.
217 1 Lebanon,Ohio A14 Jun. 23, 1924 cv w/two one cent Huguenot-Walloon stamps, issued May, 1924; unusual cc:'Return to Camp Kern, Fort Ancient, Ohio' (can't find on a map) F/VG EV $20.
218 1 Lexington, Mass.A14 Apr. 4, 1925 full-length flag on cv w/ George Jackson FDC ca; The Lexington-Concord issue was the first commemorative issue that collectors took to making FDC cachets (Harding ca, 1923, were more of a memorial nature) F/VF MB$135.
219 1 Lexington, Mass.A14 April 4, 1925 complete set of Lexington-Concord on FDC full-length flag touches all three stamps most FDC's of this issue were canceled at towns which did not have a flag canceller F/VG MB $175.
220 1 Philadelphia B37 Reading Terminal Station Natl. Export Slogan dated Oct. 19, 1899 VF imp on 2" x 4" cut from cover considered as the second-rarest P.O. site of all Natl. Export Station-Flags, exceeded in rarity only by Station E EV $30.
221 1 Philadelphia B-37 Station D Slogan Nov. 4, 1899 UX12 postal card cancel is o/sk one filing hole, skillfully repaired EV $9.
222 1 Philadelphia B38 die 3, Natl. Export Slogan Flag Sep. 8, 1899 posted on the FIRST DAY OF USE of this flag cancel flag is full-length on a cover front VF/- MB $25.
223 1 Ponce,P.R. (Puerto Rico) A14 clear imp of this scarce flag variety, cut from cover, about 1" x 3.5'flag is full-length VG/- EV $5.
224 1 Providence, RI.,type 44 on June 15, 1898 full imp flag on lightly toned/stained cv edge wear dial is into elaborate ill cc, but very readable reduced at L VG/G
225 1 Saint Edward, Nebr., A14 Jun. 6, 1934 on cv prepared by Robert C. Beazell, the most esteemed maker of FDC's, of his era this is not a FDC, but is a commemorative cover, made by Beazell for this Flag Cancel the feature is a full-color ca (painting) picturing St. Edward cv address is press-printed, not typewritten, thereby proving the cv was created by Mr. Beazell this is the only known cover prepared by him to commemorate, or be associated with, a flag cancel FDC's by him now sell for over $200. VG/VF MB $200.
226 1 Spokane, Wash. B44 large yd, 1899 Involute Flag on cv w/classy ad of a Drug Co. can is full-length, though lightly inked. VG/VF EV $20.
227 1 Washington DC gpe Nov.22,1895 Barnard var E4 ovate, steep full imp flag F/VG
228 9 all pc all different vars all cancels VG to F Kansas City, Northeast Station; Chicago, Station M; Chicago, South Chicago Station; Fremont B4(1) ovate, var #1; Aberdeen, S. Dak.; Texarkana, Ark-Tex; usual card faults


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
229 1 Montreal, Canada Ensign flag die A Feb 22, 1897 gpc this flag die was not continuously used in 1897 scarce with this yd flag is full-length strong impression VF/VF EV $15.
230 1 Saint Johns, Newfoundland 6-14-29 cv Slogan: 'Commemorating First Trans Atlantic Air Mail, Tune 14, 1919' used one day VG/VC EV $20.


Lot Number Description
231 Catalog of United States Postal Slogan Cancels, by Moe Luff, 1953 like-new condition
232 Volumes 1 and 2 of U.S. Classic Machine Cancels 1871 - 1991, by Bob Payne, with Reg Morris, Contributing Editor New and off the shelf from the Publications Mgr. of the MCS MB $50.
233 Similar Lot MB $50. this and the previous lot will hammer down at the same price
234 Flag Cancel Encyclopedia, First Edition, by Frederick Langford, 1955, like-new condition
235 History of Flag Cancel Collecting, by Frederick Langford, 1966, like-new condition


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
236 1 Kingman, Arizona first commercial style on pse Dec. 24, 1897 VG/VG MB$200.



Lot Number Items in Lot Description
237 17 bar types all early cancels Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia noted: 8th & Chestnut Sta. Phila., 1894 to Brussels; Chicago, 1894: diespaces: A, G, T, X; Boston, 1887, diespace 7; Boston 1891, diespace 4 condition mixed
238 9 Double oval received and service markings noted: Miiwaukee, Sioux Falls (2 diff); Newport, Ky; Phila, Station S; Phila, Southwark Sta.; Lowell, Mass; condition mixed


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
239 1 Bay City, Mich., Tassel Flag as recd marking on gpc (has appearance of origin pmk) Vanderbilt, Mich. origin hs mark is o/sk by the flag toning edge wear VG/G


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
240 1 Newark, N.J. round dial, only as rec'd mark on rev of cv from Rochester, NY. scarce cancel Dec. 13, 1898 early date crs and edge wear very slightly reduced at R F/G
241 35 Oval types; thirty covers; noted: Buffalo, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Newark, Milwaukee, Harrisburg, Detroit, Albany (F) to Germany; New Orleans, Topeka, Lincoln, Minneapolis, Brooklyn; condition varies expect some duplication
242 36 Diagonal types; twenty-five covers; noted: St. Paul, Springfield, Minneapolis, Sioux City, Quincy, Bangor, St. Joseph, New York; condition varies expect duplication
243 50 Five Bar types mostly covers; noted: Pueblo, Denver, Augusta, Baltimore, Kansas City; condition varies some duplicahon
244 50 Similar lot; noted: Providence, Lincoln, Omaha, Dayton, Memphis; mixed condition
245 22 Six Bar types seven covers noted: Manchester, Pueblo, New York, L.A., Arcade Station, & Station C; Cleveland, Station B; Mansfield, Galveston, Superior, South Omaha, Duluth; condition varies duplication several view cards


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
246 1 Norfolk, Va., Ballentine Sta., Nov. 1916 pc less than one year use rare VG/VG
247 2 Minneapolis, Minn., two die varieties of 'Riverside Station' within bars; 1910 w/dial; 1912 w/horizontal slugs both on pc F lot
248 25 all pc mixed condition expect duplication cards w/usual faults
249 25 Similar lot
250 22 all covers condition mixed about 14 diff


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
251 4 Model 2 (one) Model 11 (three); Chicago, Austin Station (half of stamp missing) & Carpenter Street Station, (pcs) Charles City, Iowa (cv); East Grand Forks, Minn. (pc)


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
252 1 Deland, Fla., pc F/VG
253 1 Deland, Fla., pc VG/VG
254 1 Huron, S. Dak. seldom seen: an inverted "Received" marking as origin postmark pc VG/VG
255 3 Cleburne, Tex.; & Aberdeen S. Dak (2) all received markings used as origin postmarks all pc VG/VG
256 1 Frostburg, Md. Type E used as received marking on view side of pc from Fitzgerald, GA lt but readable VG/VG
257 1 Chicago, Ill., Austin Station, var #3 yd didn't print pc w/view of local dock G/VG
258 20 Station Cancels, mostly pc Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia about ten different expect duplication condition mixed
259 25 Types D & E mostly pc expect duplication mixed condition
260 25 Similar lot


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
261 1 Hud. Term. Sta., NY. pictorial slogan: 'Air Mail Saves Time' 1924 cv G/VG
262 1 Pasadena, CA Slogan: 'World's Panama Pacific Expo....1915' dial competes pc w/view of courtyard, local hotel F/VG
263 1 Chicago Armour Station in bars dial competes pc w/view of shipwreck F/VG
264 1 Des Moines as recd marking on pc o/sk by Tucumcari,N. Mex., hs June 25, 1908 w/drawing of soldier on horseback VG/VG
265 1 Chicago, Canal Station pc stamp missing competes w/color view of street car at entrance to Lincoln Park F/VG
266 1 St. Louis, Mo. Slogan: 'Citizens Military Training Camps' on reverse of cover originating from Pittsburgh, Pa., Homewood Station June 27, 1927 franked with the Lindbergh Air Mail stamp, and addressed to Colonel Charles Lindbergh, in St. Louis, upon his return there after his flight to Paris G/VG MB $25.
267 20 Most on gpc all 19th century cancels nearly all different condition G toF cards w/usual faults
268 75 20th century town cancels a few slogans, stations about half are cvs, half pc
269 13 Mostly pc 20th century slogans, stations, United Nations, Cuba, Omaha, Chicago condition mixed cards w/usual faults
270 22 Commemorative and special event slogan cancels some duplication about half are covers mixed condition


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
271 1 Washington DC straight bar type on Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions Official Business Card docketed December 1887 F/VG

Time Cummins

Lot Number Items in Lot Description
272 lO Chicago, Minneapolis, Oshkosh; half are covers expect duplication condition mixed

Time Marking

Lot Number Items in Lot Description
273 25 About half of lot is Chicago half of the lot is cvs condition mixed cards w/usual faults VG lot


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
274 3 Waterloo, Ind.,(2); Emporium, Pa., all pc VG/VG
275 1 Howell, Mich. Type 1 on gpc VG/VG


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
276 1 Salt Lake City pc Nov. 24, 1902 dated in changeover between catalog types F/VG
277 4 Hot Springs, Ark.(2); Evanston, ill; Indianapolis, Ind.; all covers two covers are rough at R three w/enclosures condition mixed


Lot Number Items in Lot Description
278 20 Bars/stations/wavy lines 1913 to 1964 condition mixed
279 50 General slogans from about 1920 - 1960 about half on covers; condition mixed

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